No matter how much we shop, there never seem to be enough clothes, and this is something especially lamented by women. Most of the time before you know it, a thread has snagged or a small tear has cropped up as a result of improper care. It can be quite costly to replace clothes, hence taking some tips into consideration to keep them in good quality for a long time, can help minimise this. There are a few things you can do which are actually quite easy to implement. How you wash, dry and pack away your clothes play a large role in contributing to this.


Firstly, one of the ways to ensure you have clothes you can depend on, is to ensure that you invest in good quality even if it costs a bit more. This does not mean designer labels, but something good. Cheaper clothes may fit in comfortably in your budget, however due to poor quality they wear off resulting in you having to replace them, eventually costing you a lot more in the end. Good quality ensures long-term use and a solid wardrobe. A few staple pieces in good material means you always have something to polish your outfit together in a hurry. The time this will differ is when you need to purchase kids clothes as they outgrow them pretty fast anyway. A good way to store their clothes are slimline hangers as you can store many at a time.


You will usually find the garment’s washing instructions for example the one at the neck on a shirt or t-shirt. Depending on the type of fabric, there will be specific washing and ironing instrcutions. Some should not be machine-washed, but hand-washed. If you feel you do not have the time to hand-wash, or simply do not want to, try not to buy delicate clothes. You will only ruin their quality which will result in a colossal waste of money. Putting your clothes to wash separately also helps, for instance dark colours separate to light. Too often have people had a red sock run in the wash and turn all their light-coloured clothes pink. Although this makes for


Mostly, clothes are subject to wear and tear due to negligence. When you sweat, some materials tend to retain stains which can be difficult to remove if you leave them that way for a while before washing. You should soak off any stains as soon as possible as they can set after some time making that piece of clothing useless. By showering regularly and exercising other good hygiene habits, you will be able to consequently take better care of your clothes. Investing in hangers will also keep your clothes off the floor preventing dirt from gathering, and if you have many, slimline hangers work quite well.


Although sewing is not as common as it used to be, it is still a skill that needs to be kept very much alive. Not only is it fun to learn and give you an opportunity to try your own hand as dressmaking, it is also quite handy for those unexpected tears just before you rush out of the house. Having a small sewing kit in your bag at all times will help you in those emergencies. If you are not apt at making big repairs, you can make a light fix until you get it to a tailor.